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  • What does FabHoods Do?
    FabHoods offers Progress Tracking and Communications App for real estate projects. We help real estate developers to: Communicate effectively with their customers during the construction phase of the project and improve their post-property booking experience. Save time and costs associated with managing site visits and communicating with customers individually. Increase transparency and convenience for the stakeholders involved in the project.
  • Who all can use the FabHoods App?
    FabHoods App can be used by real estate developer teams, their senior management, customers (including family members and co-owners), channel partners, architects, consultants, banking partners, and anyone associated with the real estate project.
  • How does FabHoods App offer convenience to all the stakeholders involved in a project?
    FabHoods Offers convenience to: Developer teams: FabHoods will enable the developer teams (CRM and post-sales) to communicate with the customers at scale from anywhere and reduce the need for them to communicate with customers individually. Senior Management: FabHoods App will equip your senior management to track communications with customers and their grievances without relying on the subordinates and ground level teams for the information. Customers: Access to project progress, virtual tours, and regular communications on the FabHoods App will eliminate the need for frequent site visits, offering convenience to customers - especially outstation and international customers. Channel Partners: CPs can track all the project related communications and up-to-date information on the FabHoods App, and make better informed decision when interacting with clients (without relying on the developer teams).
  • What makes FabHoods better than WhatsApp/ Email for communicating with customers?
    It is difficult to segregate information on Whatsapp or Email. A customer has to go through the entire thread of e-mails or messages to look for a particular communication. FabHoods App solves this Issue: FabHoods App is based on the principle that “Segregated Information is better than Information”. We have segregated all possible types of Communications into 5 heads: Project Progress, Project Details, Messages/ Announcements, Help-desk, and Payments. Through its deeply researched UX flows, FabHoods App helps the customers to easily find whatever information or communication they are looking for, hence making FabHoods App better than Mail and WhatsApp. FabHoods replaces SMS, Call, Whatsapp, and Email as a means of communication and brings in consistency + transparency in communications with customers at scale.
  • How does FabHoods help real estate developers in marketing their projects?
    You can list and promote your upcoming and ongoing projects on the FabHoods App. These projects are listed on the home screen of the FabHoods App and help in creating Top-of-Mind-Awareness (TOMA) about your projects and brand amongst your customers. This way, whenever your customers have to buy another property or recommend a project to someone, they would prefer your projects and your brand over any other project/ brand because of their Top-of-Mind-Awareness. FabHoods will help you in creating a high Brand recall amongst customers and increase referral + repeat sales.

Progress Tracking and Communications App for Real Estate Projects

FabHoods helps real estate developers to communicate effectively with their customers during the construction phase of the project and improve their post property booking experience.

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Cloud based


Easy to use

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Plug n play model

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Safe and secure

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Send progress updates, share project details, resolve help-desk tickets, broadcast messages, share virtual tours of the project with customers, and do much more...

Keep your customers updated about the status of their property



Real-time updates


Family/ co-owner accounts


Track multiple properties

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List your upcoming and ongoing projects on the home screen of the FabHoods App to create Top of Mind Awareness about your projects and increase referral + repeat sales.

List and promote your upcoming and ongoing projects



Target high-value customers

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Share marketing collaterals

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Upload virtual/ concept tours

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Progress Tracking and Communications App for Real Estate Projects.

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

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Custome App


Manage project communications and customer grievances

Send and manage project communications like progress updates, project details, messages; resolve customer grievances,  send payment reminders, and do much more...

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Reduce repetitive communications

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Accommodate human error

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Transparency with senior management

Devloper App
Projects Promotion
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