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Deliver an amazing post booking experience to  your customers

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211, Shalimar Corporate Centre, 8-B, South Tukoganj, Indore, MP, India, 452001



FabHoods is a Trademark owned by Shorvac Lifestyle (India) Pvt. Ltd. @ 2022 FabHoods. All rights reserved.


Progress Tracking and Communications App for Real Estate Projects.

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Visit project site or ask developer team for a video call to check project progress.

Request the developer team or channel partners for up-to-date project details.

Call, email, and follow up with the developer team to bring grievances/ queries to their attention.

Spend time, energy, money, and risk life (covid, travel/ on-site accidents) to visit the project site.

Track project progress and status from anywhere: 24*7 through the FabHoods App.

Access up-to-date project details on FabHoods App without help from developer team.

Use FabHoods to bring queries to the attention of developer team and senior management.

Keep in touch with the project site through in-app progress updates and site virtual tours.

Difference in Customer Experience with and without FabHoods

Visiting the project site

Raising grievances/ queries

Accessing project details

Tracking project progress

With FabHoods

Without FabHoods

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